Finals close enough to savor the four clubs in the Champions League, but before Real Madrid, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain or Manchester City allow them to dream of lifting the European Cup, there is a little question set in two delicious semi-finals. . He sees his role in comparing each other, while the other confrontation revolves around the power of the attacking star from Kylian Mbappe and Kevin.

You can watch events starting on Tuesday on Paramount +. Predictions of occurrences:

Chelsea maintain at least one clean sheet via a draw

In terms of goals scored against Chelsea, Manchester City are the best defense in this competition. Since the knockout rounds – and with it the arrival of Thomas Tuchel – the Blues have risen to a higher level, making their way through Atlético Madrid and Porto like some tough European football for the Chicago Bears in 1985. Mehdi Tarimi has proven that they are not perfect, so you can sign up for this team: as long as You’re ready to wait 180 minutes and score one of the most important goals the competition has seen this season, but it’s close.